Sergio Valverde Castillo

Sergio Valverde Castillo has a wide experience with wood. He learned cabinet making and carpentry in a professional school in Adra (Almería) in 1998; since then he has always been involved in general carpentry, and making all kinds of cabinets, wardrobes, inlay and artistic works. He set up his own workshop in Mecina Bombarón - La Alpujarra (Granada) in 2002.


Due to his love for music and musical instruments, in 2014 he decided to change his professional life, and dedicate his knowledge and skills with wood to make guitars and other stringed instruments, such as the Spanish Lute and the Bandurria.


Sergio learned guitar making with master Stephen Hill at the "European Institute of Guitar Making" where he also was coached by Pablo Requena, both of them probably form the best team to teach this art.


Afterwards, Sergio enlarged and enriched his knowledge with master Jesús Bellido and his family. It happened thanks to Sergio´s music teacher Sixto A. Moreno, who leads a folk band in Granada called "Lombarda Folk" (really interesting musicians). 


Jesús Bellido and his family have always been very generous and kind with Sergio, they taught him everything he knows about the Spanish lute and bandurria, permitting him to use their original templates and molds. Nowadays they remain his source of information for all questions related to his daily guitar work.


In 2017 Sergio won the First Prize of the Granada Guitar Makers Competition "Antonio Marín Montero" in its first edition.


" What makes my guitars interesting is the special feeling with wood I can perceive through my hands,my touch, my smell, my eyes and my love for music" Sergio Valverde Castillo