The Village - Mecina Bombarón

Mecina Bombarón, somewhere over the clouds

Mecina Bombarón is a small town or village with about 500 inhabitants, located in La Alpujarra, South of the Sierra Nevada- Granada. Spain.

The landscape everywhere in this region is amazing and the environmental conditions are very good for guitar contruction, because of the low level of humidity.

It takes one hour and a half driving from Granada city, the same from Almería city and two hours and a half from Málaga city. We can offer to collect you directly from the airport if you don´t want to hire a car; during the course you will be all right without a car.

Accommodation in Mecina Bombarón is of high quality and there are various options

Live music

We have a wide musical tradition, interest in which has been increasing in the last few years.

There are different styles: flamenco music and dance, local traditional music, folk, celtic, and more, where Sergio Valverde Castillo is involved permanently 

Toasted Chestnuts

Our most tasty delicatessen is toasted chestnuts. During all the autumn season you can pick up hundreds of them in our countryside.

We also celebrate our traditional chestnut party in november, where we offer toasted chestnuts for everybody.


La Alpujarra is probably one of the prettiest places in Andalucía for trekking walks. In Mecina Bombarón we have the GR 7 passing through, and many more beautiful walks to do.

Gerald Brenan in Yegen

Yegen is a village next to Mecina Bombarón (5 minutes) which British writer Gerald Brenan came to visit. Captivated by the place he decided to live there Nowadays you can visit the Gerald Brenan Museum in Yegen

Horse Riding

Another option to enjoy your time in Mecina Bombarón is to practice horse riding, we have, they will guide you and teach you riding.

Parties and events

We celebrate  parties and events all through the year, musical events (e.g.August´s traditional Alpujarran music festival), big meals, toasted chestnuts, carnival, etc...