Guitar making courses - Prices and details

Dates 2021

3rd to 28th May - Fully booked

4th to 29th October- Fully booked

Dates 2022

2nd to 27th May Fully booked

3rd to 28th October - Fully booked

Dates 2023

Please to reserve a place for 2023 go to "contact" and send me an email, I will be happy to answere.


The price for the course is *€4300, all the materials and hard case are included. (Accommodation is not incloded but we can help to find and reserve it)


First payment =        €600 to reserve a place in the course

Second payment = €1800 one mounth before to start the course

Third payment =    €1900 during the first week of the course 

*This price is valid only for the year 2021, for the year 2022 the price of the course will be €4500

To reserve a place on the course

To make a reservation on one of our courses, go to contact and send us an e-mail.

You can ask any question about the course.