Flamenco concert guitar  (scale 660)

Woods and materials used:


Top - German Spruce

Back and sides - Cypress (other woods are possible to order)

Neck - Cedrela from Brasil

Fingerboard - Ebony

Bridge - Indian Rosewood

Tunning machines - Gotoh 35G-510QC-EN/B. (Inquire for other options)

Strings - Savarez Cuorum (Inquire for other options)


This model of guitar is built absolutely handcrafted, each part of the guitar, from the bigger to the smaller piece is handmade as one can see in the pictures I will post below.


After of having learned the construction of a classical guitar following the techniques of construction of Antonio de Torres and others guitar makers as Santos Hernandez, Herman Hauser or Hernandez y Aguado, wich I learned in the European Institut of Guitar Making with masters Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena, I have adapted those knowledges to the construction of a flamenco guitar, having developed a personal style influenced by the suggestions of the great guitar maker Jesús Bellido, and the permanently exchange of knowledges and experiences with my friend and also guitar maker Óscar Muñoz.

I use a fun strut with 7 bars and 2 more at the bottom making the "V" form. (different distribution of space and orientation than the clássical guitar)


There are a few main differences in this guitar with the clássical guitar wich gives to it a real flamenco sound:

1- The dimensions of the body have been reduced compared with the clássical guitar but it still       maintains the same shape, it gives comfort to play and at the same time produce a very well         balanced sound.

2- The strings action has been reduced

3- The thickness of different parts of the guitar (top, fun strut, bridge) is different to give an              explosive and quick sound with not much sustain wich is better for flamenco

4- The scale is longer

5- The Cypress wood gives beautiful sound and lightness to the guitar

6- Different distribution of space and orientation of the fun strut


 The finishing I use for the whole guitar is French Polish with shellack. 



I use the wedges method to secure the sides into the heel, I learned this method with  Stephen Hill and it is the same method used by the great guitar maker José Romanillos. It is my believe that it really increases the quality of the intrument becouse the wedges  reinforces  this point of the guitar and at the same time permit a perfect finish and look.

To see more pictures go to the Gallery of the main menu, and you will find a lot of pictures of different stages of construccion of all my instruments